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Tuesday, May 8, 2012 at

Tea Forté Lemon Sorbetti Announced as Silver Award Finalist

We're pleased to announce the Silver Finalist Award for Best Hot Beverage was presented to Tea Forte for its Lemon Sorbetti Tea. The Silver Finalists are selected at the NASFT offices in New York City by a national panel of specialty food retailers, foodservice professionals and journalists.

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Tuesday, January 10, 2012 at

Tea Forté Brings You the Tropical Taste of Paradise in Cup!

I'm pleased to announce Tea Forté continues to expand its distinctive art of tea in deliciously healthy ways with the introduction of its new line of Coconut Tea. The Coconut Collection offers the tropical taste of paradise and catches the wave of growing consumer demand for coconut beverages.  Crafting blends of only the finest organic tea with the creamy flavor of fresh cut coconut, Tea Forté’s coconut collection is available in Fair Trade Certified™ eco-friendly filterbags, and the company’s signature pyramid infusers.

The sunny offerings include:

• Coconut Mango Colada ~ GreenTea
A sunny infusion of organic green tea masterfully orchestrated with bright, sweet mango and the flavor of fresh-cut coconut. Madagascar vanilla and the exotic tang of tropical lime makes an uplifting cup.

• Coconut Chai Latte ~ Black Tea
The zesty zing of cinnamon, cardamom and clove takes over the first sip of this tropical treasure, followed by toasty island coconut. Try with milk and sweetener then enjoy hot or iced for a creamy, tropical latte.

• Coconut Chocolate Truffle ~ Black Tea
This delectable and decadent organic black tea begins with the smooth and seductive taste of chocolate cacao nibs and creamy island coconut. A hint of hazelnut is added to this confectionary cup for an entrancing tropical truffle.

I hope you join us for a tropical taste of paradise in a cup!


Tuesday, December 20, 2011 at

Teas for the New Year

What a year it has been for Tea Forté. To be honored with one of our industry's highest awards is one thing, winning two is quite another. We are proud that our TEAS FOR THE HEART has been voted the gold award winner "Food Gift of the Year" by the National Association for the Specialty Food Trade. TEAS FOR THE HEART is the perfect year-round gift of awareness for mothers, daughters, sisters, wives and friends that can make a difference in the lives of millions of women and those who love them. In recognition of its superior quality, our Herbal Retreat Blueberry Merlot was the recipient of the prestigious World Tea Expo First Place North American Tea Champion Award. We are humbled by the accolades and even more committed to bring to you the extraordinary teas and exceptional experience that is Tea Forté.

For 2012 I'm excited to introduce a delicious assortment of must-have Superior Grade green teas, brought together for the Essential Greens collection. For a vacation you'll love, we present the lush, tropical taste of our new Coconut Teas. We hope to have these available on-line in a few short weeks.

Since starting Tea Forté it has been my ongoing journey to bring to you all the joy, the beauty and the bountiful health benefits that can be found in a simple cup of tea. I thank you for joining me in that journey and wish you a healthy and happy New Year.

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Saturday, November 19, 2011 at

Harvest Apple Spice

I can't think of two flavors that remind me more of the fall than apples and cinnamon. I'm pleased to say we have blended these two ingredients for a cup reminiscent of Mom's apple pie! We are featuring this blend exclusively in our Warming Joy Collection for 2011. 

I was pleased to read this review from one of our customers:

 "One of the very best I have tasted!  The apple flavor really comes through without being overpowered by the cinnamon... I have many "favorites" but this tops the list...will have to stock up to get me through to spring!"

As always, I truly appreciate your feedback! Happy sipping!

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